Logo is custom made design to recognize and separate an organization/company from others. Logo will be added to or printed on company's ads, messages, website, products, buildings and elsewhere.


Having a distinguished logo is important because it leaves the first impression of your company and it also makes your company more trustworthy, especially with new and small businesses. We can help with creating a new logo or with renewing an existing one.


Professional logo with usage manual( Suitable for companies who wishes to use their logo besides webpage also on publications, documents etc). With logo we also create the logo usage manual. We make 3-4 versions plus additional changes to the chosen logo design. 


Process for creating the logo with usage manual:

  • Defining the purpose, sphere and target audience of the company.
  • Designer creates sketches based on collected information. 3-4 sketches from which client should pick one for finalization.
  • Finishing the chosen design. Confirming the final version.
  • Forwarding the logo in vector format. Creating the usage manual.


Please contact us for more information.